When I set about to start Innovately a staggering three weeks ago — yes, hard to imagine it’s been that long! — the idea, plain and simple, was to create a forum where I could write to my heart’s content about “stuff that matters” in today’s world.

Obviously then, when I discovered this teaser video, released just hours ago, about the Top Gear boys’ new show coming to Amazon Prime in 2016, naturally, I had to write about it. Because after all, what could possibly matter more than getting television’s greatest trifecta of hosts — Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May — back together again?

Click past the break to see Clarkson wobbling along on a Segue — indoors, naturally — all while babbling on about what is inevitably little more than an ad spot for Amazon’s FireTV stick and of course a requisite jab at the Beeb, and get very very excited indeed when you see a “coming soon” photo of all three hosts standing together.

The video can’t be embedded, so click the preview below to view it over at Metro.

Clarkson Teaser

For those of you living under a rock not in the loop, Clarkson was sacked by the BBC back in March for a “fracas” — no, we didn’t know that word either — with one of the show’s staff, and Top Gear as we know it, terminated.

Then in July, the Top Gear trio signed a spectacular $250 million deal to produce a new show on Amazon Prime, currently slated for 36 episodes over three years.

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